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Never Worry about Spam and eMail Transmitted Viruses Again!

Network Advocates VirusGard? services protect your email system from spam, viruses and other email-borne attacks before they reach your Inbox. Unlike solutions that provide security at the network gateway or on the desktop, VirusGard? extends protection beyond the server to the backbone of the Internet. For you, this means the addition of another layer of protection and extended security capabilities, securing both the SMTP connection and message content.

eMail for your Domain Name ( ) passes through our VirusGard? servers, before going to or from your business network. We see it first, and scan it using ICSA Certified technologies.
When you sign up for service, Network Advocates VirusGard? eMail service becomes the mailserver for all of your eMail. This is done by making a simple, no cost update with your Domain Name Service (DNS) provider.

Once this is done, all eMail addressed to you or sent by you must pass through our systems first. This allows us to process your eMail through a series of hardware and software to thoroughly scan it for viruses, worms, trojans, and other forms of malicious code.

Our systems are continuously monitored, updated hourly -- and Certified by the ICSA to detect and block 100% of viruses and worms 'in the wild.'
For less than $1 per month you have peace of mind, knowing your eMail is free of viruses. Compared to the cost of a single infection, its easy to see why businesses are teaming up with Network Advocates to stop viruses before they have a chance to infect them.

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