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Small Company

Small Company, LLC is a company that consists of 15 employees. They came to us because their computers "never worked properly" and seemed to hinder their productivity. The company owns a three story building with computers on each floor.

Network Status

To connect to the Internet, the company has one dial-up account that all users must share. So, at any one time, only one user may be on the Internet. Each computer has antivirus software loaded on it, but it is unknown if users have been updating the virus definitions. Employees have also complained about the amount of spam in their eMail. They also informed us of a file server that existed on the first floor. It was only accessible by PCs on the first floor, meaning that users on the second and third floors had to go downstairs to look up data. Lastly, they knew of a few PCs on the top floor that were infected with viruses, and of a printer on the second floor that was not functional. Unfortunately, they cannot afford to employ a fulltime IT specialist to tend to their needs.

The Network Advocates Solution

By applying our knowledge, and a proven list of "networking best practices," we provided Small Company LLC with a solution that brought stability and reliability back to their network.

To address the file server problem, we installed a network switch that connected PCs, printers, and the file server in one consolidated network. Now users could access the file server from any PC on any floor.

For their Internet connectivity issues, we recommended that they upgrade to a broadband (DSL) connection. Since all of their PCs are now connected to a switch, the broadband connection could be used by all users at the same time, thus removing the "wait time" associated with the dial-up account. Before exposing the network to the Internet via the DSL line, we installed an industry-grade firewall (usually Sonicwall or Cisco) and the CA eTrust Content Manager to provide the highest levels of security for their network.

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