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Network Advocates provides the essentials for cost-effective computer systems:
  • Identify and deploy the ideal carrier network services for Voice, Data, and Internet.
  • Help your organization to comply with HIPAA/HITECH regulations and keep your network secure.
  • Select, procure and install hardware, software and cabling infrastructure for high-performance networking.
  • Configure and monitor network security ? hardware, software and policies.
  • Provide ongoing support for maximum return on your Information Technology investments. We augment or become your IT staff resources.

Network Advocates is a Microsoft Certified Partner, along with certifications from Cisco Systems, Computer Associates, IBM, Sonicwall and many more of the industry?s leading providers.

Network Security $55 Billion Dollars in Damages... Are You Next? In this day and age, use of the Internet is integral for daily business. Unfortunately, the Internet is a network that is inherently not safe. In 2003, viruses were responsible for roughly $55 billion dollars in damage to companies throughout the world. As virus masterminds become more and more cunning, the threat to your company increases at an alarming rate. Fortunately, Network Advocates is willing and able to defend you from these Internet menaces.
A Byte of Prevention... A World of Difference
Network Advocates strives to provide your company with solutions to connect to and use the Internet in a secure manner while protecting your company?s internal network. To do this, we apply a list of ?best practices? to your systems to ensure that your network incorporates the highest levels of security against the hooligans of the Internet. These best practices are described below. * Application of a Hardened Firewall Network Advocates is partnered with the two most prominent firewall developers on the market, namely Cisco and SonicWall. We have a great deal of experience installing and configuring these firewalls to provide the highest level of security to your company. * Usage of a Secure Content Manager ¬The Computer Associates eTrust Secure Content Manageris a software solution that provides both content management and security functions in one package. It provides email content security, anti spam filtering, antivirus protection (see below), web content security, URL filtering, data confidentiality, and malicious code defense. Network Advocates is partnered with Computer Associates and has a high level of expertise with this software package. We will configure it to effectively meet your company?s needs. * Installation of a Proven Anti-Virus Software ¬ Network Advocates uses the award-winningComputer Associates eTrust Antivirus software, which provides enterprise-level protection for a myriad of computing appliances, including PDAs, desktop computers, servers, gateways, and groupware, such as Lotus Notes/Domino and Microsoft Exchange mail servers. * Secure E-Mail Hosting ¬ Network Advocates provides a solution called VirusGard?, which will eliminate 98% of spam and eMail transmitted viruses from entering your network. In one month, VirusGard? has stopped 23.5 million spam eMails and over 100,000 eMail transmitted viruses. Network Advocates believes that the key to network security is prevention. We make every effort to prevent intruders, such as viruses and spam, from entering your network. In fact, we provide a solution called VirusGard?, which actually filters out spam before it gets to your Inbox! Don?t let your company become a statistic! Let Network Advocates protect your company while you focus on your business! The answer is clear? Network Advocates!

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