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Steadfast Management Solutions
Network Advocates provides various network management solutions for improving performance, availability and security while minimizing the costs associated with network infrastructure operations.
Our IT professionals will routinely the following services to your network and PCs:
  • Application of Patches
  • Application of System Updates
  • Backups for your Desktop PC's, Servers, and Peripherals
  • Installation and Maintenance on Various Software Packages, such as antiVirus Software, and Desktop Applications (word proceessors, spreadsheets, or any other desktop application that is necessary for your productivity)
  • Maintenance of the Network Architecture (including the administration of firewalls, switches, and other aspects of networking)

Lastly, if any problems arise, we will be available to you via phone, Secure Remote Access, and/or eMail, and will dispatch to your site when necessary to fix the problem and ensure that everything is running smoothly.

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