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Best Practices of Networking

Network Advocates ensures our customer?s investment in Information Technology provides the following:
1. - Reliability
- Ease of use
- Protection from Viruses and ?Malware?
- Hackers and Intrusions
- Spyware/File Swapping Liability
- Control of Your IT Resou
- Ability to Expand

Most importantly, our solutions provide a return on investment.
Engineering and maintaining a reliable and secure IT infrastructure for your organization should proceed in the same precise manner as the engineering and maintenance of the physical security in your buildings and offices. Your physical premises have multiple layers of security to protect assets -- lighting, fences, outer doors with locks, additional doors with restricted access to protect inventory, restricted access to cash, blank checks, etc., etc.

Since 1998, not one of our customers who deployed our best practices has ever become infected with a computer virus or worm. Compared to the cost of a single infection, it?s a ?byte of prevention? that will protect you from wasting thousands of dollars on cure.

To learn more about the multiple layers, and the benefits of working with Network Advocates, click the different components of the drawing.

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